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The 4 Phases of Divorce - Phase 4 -Coaching & Children's Therapy

Along the divorce process it is important to have clarity on how to move on and adapt in this new chapter. Coaching and therapy are way to manage you and your children's well-being along the way and into the future.

Phase 4 - Divorce Coaching and Children's Therapy

Divorce Coach

~ Tara Eisenhard

Courses and group programs are great, but they might not be for you. And that’s OK. Sometimes, what you need doesn’t fit in a box. That's why I offer personalized private divorce coaching-- so I can meet you where you are.

Private sessions are a great way to tackle issues such as:

“How can I communicate more effectively with my ex?” “How do I ask my spouse for a divorce?” “What can I do to take better care of myself?” “How can I a better parent?” “How can I be a better co-parent?” “How can I improve my self esteem?” “How do I get over my cheating ex?” “What's the best way to get support?” “How do I get back to being me?” “Am I doing this right?” "Am I normal?"

For couples, I offer coaching to cultivate mutual respect, find common ground, and build something better:

“We want to start off on the right foot before beginning the divorce process.” “Our relationship is strained, but we want to be good co-parents for our children.” “Our kids are grown, but we still have to peacefully coexist at family functions.” “We don’t understand each other. How can we communicate more effectively?” “Co-parenting isn’t working. We need to create more space between us.”

Child & Family Therapy

~Children’s Wellness Center of Colorado, PLLC

CWCC serves children, adolescents and their parents/caregivers, young adults and families. The emphasis of our practice is on providing individual therapy to as many family members as possible through one location in order to make it easier for both children and parents to care for their mental health as well as families who want to work together to minimize the impact of the separation/divorce on the children.

We find that children’s mental health is best supported when their parents/caregivers are also getting their needs met.

We meet clients where they are in the divorce process whether it’s at the stage of contemplating divorce, going through the divorce process and supporting children and parents with moving ahead after the process is complete.

We also offer family therapy so that when parents and children can benefit from engaging in tough, but meaningful and productive processing of the divorce between the parents, there is the dedicated space allotted to do so.

Click here to schedule a free consult with a coach or therapist on our Divorce Advice Colorado team


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