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Laura Kendrick & Chris Basler

Family Law Attorneys

Meet  Laura


Practice: Kendrick Family Legal Solutions, LLC


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Laura E. Kendrick is a Family Law Attorney. Laura received her undergraduate degree in Behavioral Psychology from Western Michigan University and her Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver. Laura is originally from Michigan, and is the 8th generation of attorneys in her family.


Laura has been practicing exclusively in domestic relations since 2012. With an additional degree in science and a background as a statistics educator, Laura specializes in the financial aspects of divorce. When she's not practicing law, she's probably watching, reading, or otherwise obsessing over Michigan football.

"Having qualified information helps immediately. You will get off the phone with me feeling better than before you called. Knowledge is power."
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Meet  Chris


Practice: Basler Family Law, PLLC


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Chris R. Basler is a successful and persuasive negotiator and litigator who offers both bundled and unbundled services. He is a compassionate and empathetic attorney who believes that open communication, vigorous preparation and a reasonable position are the keys to a positive and desired resolution.


Additionally, Chris understands that a domestic relations client is living through one of most emotionally challenging periods of their entire life. Chris’s goal is to help his clients navigate through these difficult and confusing times as well as help them move forward with their lives in a healthy and positive way.

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