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Katelyn Ridenour Parker, Susan Halloran & Chris Basler 

Family Law Attorneys

Meet  Katelyn

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Practice: One Accord Legal, LLC

When I graduated from law school, I knew I did not want to practice family law. I envisioned couples who would go to extreme lengths, determined to make the other party miserable. However, I quickly came to realize that there are many people searching for a family law attorney who can help them reach solutions, rather than igniting a war. In 2017, I learned about the Collaborative Law model. This model uses a team approach to help couples get the financial, emotional, and legal help that they need.


When couples can work together, it improves the outcome, not only during the initial divorce but also post-divorce. This is especially true when couples have children, since they will be co-parenting for the rest of their lives. In addition to traditional areas of family law, I keep up to date with novel areas of the law, including embryo donation, embryo adoption, and disputes over embryos in the context of divorce. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband, riding my electric bike, running, visiting Denver's local coffee shops, and hiking.

Meet Kateyln
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Meet Chris

Meet  Chris


Practice: Basler Family Law, PLLC

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Chris R. Basler is a successful and persuasive negotiator and litigator who offers both bundled and unbundled services. He is a compassionate and empathetic attorney who believes that open communication, vigorous preparation and a reasonable position are the keys to a positive and desired resolution.


Additionally, Chris understands that a domestic relations client is living through one of most emotionally challenging periods of their entire life. Chris’s goal is to help his clients navigate through these difficult and confusing times as well as help them move forward with their lives in a healthy and positive way.

Meet  Susan

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With a legal career spanning over 15 years and a degree from the University of Denver Law School, I specialize in Custody, Family Law, Wills, and Juvenile Law. My approach is marked by hands-on involvement, emphasizing direct engagement with each case. Recognizing the nuances of these legal areas, I strive to deliver tailored solutions for my clients.


Accessibility is paramount in my practice, ensuring open and easy communication throughout the legal process. As a dedicated advocate, my goal is to guide clients through the complexities of family dynamics, will execution, and juvenile legal matters, aiming for favorable outcomes.

Meet Susan
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