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Steps to Confident Decision-Making During a Divorce

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Getting adequate rest during a divorce is often advised, but it becomes challenging when nights are spent awake, pondering over the dos and don'ts. Imagine the relief of being well-rested and having confidence in your decision-making. The best nights of rest follow well-thought-out decisions, allowing you to move forward with assurance. Yet, decision-making is often a complex process.

Let's explore our blind spots and explore strategies to enhance decisiveness and make confident choices. Our Divorce Coach Sue Horwitz takes us through steps you can take to become decisive and confidently make decisions.

Broaden Decision Choices:

  • Avoid limiting choices to yes or no, pro or con.

  • Seek options that include "This AND That" instead of "This OR That."

  • Explore procedural options in divorce: mediation, DIY, litigation, collaboration.

  • Examine real estate and financial options for better-informed decisions.

Fight Confirmation Bias:

  • Challenge confirmation bias and wishful thinking.

  • Reality-test options; consider opposite scenarios.

  • Engage in constructive disagreements with trusted individuals.

  • Ask for obstacles and potential failure points.

Revisit Values & Priorities:

  • Step back from short-term emotions.

  • Revisit values and priorities.

  • Guard priorities by writing them down.

  • Consider alternatives that align with values.

Shift Perspective:

  • Step back and shift perspective.

  • Ask, "What would I tell my best friend to do?"

  • Try options over time; evaluate feelings in ten days, ten weeks, ten months.

Prepare for Wrong Decisions:

  • Consider best and worst scenarios.

  • Create a ladder of choices for each scenario.

  • Analyze next steps based on ladder outcomes.

  • Run thumbs up and thumbs down interpretation for future perspectives.

  • Run tests to prepare for various eventualities.

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