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The 4 Phases of Divorce - Phase 2 - Housing

We started talking about how divorces unfold in defined phases with certain decisions and tools that have to be made and are needed. After determining attorney or non-attorney options (, housing is the next front burner decision that tends to present itself. Real estate and mortgage go hand in hand in making the right decisions for your situation.

Phase 2 - Housing

Here are the top 4 questions our realtors and mortgage consultants get asked and can answer for you:

Real Estate

  • How much is it going to cost us to sell our home and does a divorce change that?

  • What’s the fastest way to get our house on the market to sell?

  • Is the profit from a house sale during a divorce split 50/50 between the parties?

  • In this market, how early should I get started looking at houses if I want to purchase a home after the divorce?

Home Mortgage

  • How much can I afford if I want to purchase a new home?

  • Can I move out and purchase a home while we're waiting for the divorce to be finalized?

  • Is it better to try to stay in the same home for the sake of the children even if it's financially harder?

  • Is it better to purchase a home immediately after a divorce or wait for the transition effects to settle down?

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