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Parenting After Divorce - 4 Part Online Workshop by Divorce Coach, Tara Eisenhard

It comes up in my work as a coach and as a mediator: parents are both excited and anxious about the new paradigm that is Being A Divorced Parent.

You feel so free when you're able to parent the way you want and set your own rules in your own home. And you also feel so lost when the kids leave to stay with their other parent. You love having time for Just You And The Kids. And you also feel overwhelmed and stressed by having so much on your plate. You're happy and sad... Peaceful and mad...

It is the best of times, and the worst of times.

If you're dealing with the highs and lows of parenting after divorce, check out my upcoming online workshop. We'll talk about making the most of the good stuff and minimizing the not-so-good stuff.

Don't miss this series of online workshops, specifically for divorced parents, by our Divorce Coach Tara Eisenhard. Sign up for all or even one!

Parenting After Divorce, Online Workshop Series: 1. Maximizing the Benefits, Minimizing the Drawbacks. July 19, 5pm MT

2. Managing the Relationship With Your Child, July 26, 5pm MT

3. Managing the Relationship With Your Ex, August 2, 5pm MT

4. Dating After Divorce and Introducing Children to a New Partner, August 9, 5pm MT


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