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Insurance Specialist

Meet Tracie

"When we stand together there is no challenge we cannot overcome. "

Company: Client Centered Insurance

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Tracie comes from a background that spans the whole spectrum of the insurance world. After working with a large provider she knew she didn't want to be a captive agent. Working with one insurance provider meant prioritizing Carrier over Client. Instead, wanting the FREEDOM to put her Clients first she stepped into her own space as an Independent Insurance Consultant. Being able to correctly match the unique needs of her Client's with the multi-faceted insurance offerings available meant finding the best solution in the marketplace, not the best she had available to her by one provider. She found a purpose, gift, and passion in protecting the most important aspects of my Client's lives in the right way.

Insurance is a required aspect of our lives and coming out of divorce it tends to be one of the most impactful details that gets complicated further by the chaos of that time. For Tracie, being her Client's partner that connects, finds, and facilitates an insurance plan on their behalf allows her to carry the weight of that decision with them and ensures their longterm protection. With Tracie, Clients are first, never second - in intent, purpose, and outcome.

Meet Tracie
Life-health Insurance protection, busine
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