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The 4 Phases of Divorce - Phase 1 - Attorney or Non-Attorney

We have found with our years of experience that divorces have phases to them, although the length of those phases vary based on individual, we have the tools and strategies to help guide you through to the end of this journey. By knowing what the decisions are, what tools you will need, and when is a really important part of transitioning with the least amount of expense and trauma, you can begin healing sooner.

For most people, the first question falls in Phase 1 - do I need an attorney or are there non-attorney options.

Phase 1 - Attorney or Non Attorney

Attorney representation becomes necessary in highly contentious divorce scenarios when the couples can't get along or come to a conclusion that fits both parties. This is when couples seek out an attorney to represent them in court. During this process the court will require couples to go through mediation. This generally takes place with attorneys in separate rooms with their clients, and a court appointed mediator shuttles back and forth from room to room assisting the parties to come to an agreement. With attorney representation this kind of mediation takes place on the same day for 4-8 hours and involves more pressure to come to an agreement.

The non-attorney route is for amicable couples who would like to work out their divorce settlement in a collaborative way without the conflict, contention, and cost of attorneys. Our mediation process enables you and your spouse the opportunity to sit down at the same table, with a mediator who is trained in the tax and financial consequences of untangling assets and debts as well as experience in creating family-friendly parenting plans, to review various settlement scenarios using the legal guidelines established in Colorado. The meetings last 2 hours each and allow enough time in between so you can process and digest your alternatives with less pressure. There are no court deadlines or outside pressures to finalize your settlement until you decide you are in agreement.

Should you need legal advice at any time during the process, DAC can provide you with excellent, qualified, and experienced family law attorneys that will send you back to the negotiating table equipped with legal precedents or guidelines in order to assist you with the discussion. In the eyes of the court, you will be self-represented or Pro Se parties.

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